The Most Appropriate Makeup Look for Aging Skin

Aging skin needs to be handled with care especially when you are applying makeup products. There are a number of makeup products that can make your skin look aged for its age by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Products that contain harmful chemicals can make your skin look dull, dark and unattractive. It is important to choose the products carefully and apply them in a wise manner to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

The Most Appropriate Makeup Look for Aging Skin

In this article, we will have a look at a makeup routine that suits best for people with aging skin.

Before that, I’m going to share with you a few skin care tips that can be great to prepare your skin for a good makeup look.

Night Routine to Keep Your Skin Prepared

First of all, it is important to keep your skin fully nourished to prevent aging. For a good night routine, follow the given steps to attain a beautifully prepared look for the makeup.

Apply an anti-aging face mask for at least an hour or as specified on the product. Let the ingredients sink into the cells properly so you can get maximum benefits.

Apply a moisturizer that is rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen. Both these factors help in rebuilding your skin cells and allow them to regrow. This is a great way to prevent aging.

You should also apply an eye cream around the corners of the eyes because this is the area that is most vulnerable to wrinkles and fine lines.

After applying all these products, your skin is perfectly ready for makeup in the morning.

The Suggested Makeup Routine

Now let’s move on to the actual makeup routine. I will discuss all the steps in detail so you can follow them as it is and get the desired, youthful look.


The first step in any makeup routine in application of primer. For mature skin that is tending to age, apply a moisturizing primer. Do not go for mattifying primers as they tend to make the skin dry and deficient in nutrients.


Moving towards foundation, choose a foundation that is perfectly matching your skin tone and is creamy in nature. It should have a good, buildable coverage so that it can cover all the wrinkles and fine lines.


A concealer can further add details to your makeup by camouflaging the minor lines and scratches on your skin. Apply it in a small amount and blend it well using a teardrop blender.


Next comes the setting up of all the makeup. As mature skin has very fine lines appearing on the skin, makeup can crease off. It is very important to set your makeup properly. Using a face powder for mature skin can be very useful for this. It will keep the makeup stay in place for the longest time.


A highlighter can help in uplifting the dull parts of your skin. Apply it on your cheekbones and nose to give them a glittery, bronzed look.


A blush can uplift your cheeks and make them look attractive. Especially, if you are choosing the peachy or pinkish colors,they can do wonders for your overall makeup look. I suggest you use the best cream blush for aging skin for this makeup look. Cream blush blends in a better way and does not create a dry cast on your skin.

Eye Makeup

For the eye makeup, pick up some glittery and creamy eyeshadows and blend them well to form a nice eye socket. Apply mascara and eyeliner and you are good to go.


Getting mature does not mean you don’t have the right to look beautiful. Just choose the right products and glam up yourself. Enjoy being beautiful!