How to Care Before and After Using Nail Gel Polish Colors?

In the past, nail services were often integrated in hair salons, customers often combined to nail salons to easily take care of and beautify simple nails and pedicures. But now, nail salons are growing at a fast rate and mushrooming based on the beauty needs of customers. For this reason, the market appears in many types of nail polish products from affordable prices to high-end products from prestigious brands such as Addiction, Chanel, OPI, etc. The choice of colors also increased from striking dazzling colors to milky white, transparent, …But we can still affirm that OPI colors are still the best and most classy brand for all types of nails.

How to Care Before and After Using Nail Gel Polish Colors?

In fact, the color quality and retention of nail gel polish colors on the hands of nail polishes are significantly dependent on the price of the product lines. To get a beautiful and satisfactory nail polish like a salon, consumers need to know how to choose a nail polish. In this article, we would like to introduce how to beauty lovers OPI nail polish gelColors product line. OPI polish colors are products that give a beautiful three-dimensional finish with just one application of polish on your nails.

What is the difference between OPI polish colors and other nail polishes? At the end of this article, you are able to have stronger nails with tips before and after nail polish.

What Is the Difference Between OPI Polish Colors and Other Nail Polishes?

Polish gel colors is a nail polish brand originating from the US. OPI nail polish gel is a line of high-quality beauty and nail care products in the high-end segment, but the price is really not too expensive compared to other products in this category. As one of the famous nail brands in the world with nail polish products with rich, beautiful and durable colors, it does not adversely affect your nails, does not wear nails during wearing and removing.

The Tips for You to Have Strong and Beautiful Nails with OPI Polish Colors

Do Not Let Your Nails Get Too Wet and Wet Before Applying Nail Polish

The process of cleaning and soaking, washing nails before manicure is an essential treatment step for your hands when you want to take steps to have a new set of nails, but it makes the nail polish yours will peel off faster. Our nails will usually soften and expand when soaked in water. Once dry, the nail will shrink, causing the paint to peel off quickly.

The best measure for you is to take care of your hands and nails before at home. If possible, you can also trim the excess cuticle at the edges of your nails at home. After that, go to the nail salon for nail polish and nail decoration.

Avoid Exposing Your Nails to Water Often

Yes, of course you have to shower and wash your hair, wash your hands when you cook, scrub the house and so on. But this doesn’t mean you have to keep your nails in constant contact with water.

When cooking or washing dishes, use gloves to prevent damage to your hands as well as to limit water seeping into your nails. You can also use a dish sponge with a handle. Of course, taking a shower is unavoidable. But as much as you can limit it, it’s still good.

Limit Contact with Colored Gel Nail Polish

When using color gel nail polish on your nails, you should avoid and limit both nail polish color and the top gel to touch the surrounding hand skin. When touching the skin, the paint will not be thoroughly waterproofed, and will easily peel off. Whether it’s regular nail polish, or gel nail polish, there will be this problem.

Do Not Shake the Nail Polish Bottle Before Use

People often think that shaking the nail polish bottle will make the nail polish color blend more evenly. But not! When shaking, smashing the nail polish bottle, you are creating bubbles in the nail polish color. If you want to blend the color evenly before use, roll the nail polish bottle in your hand, instead of shaking it up.

Final Thought

Keeping in mind the tips we’ve just listed in this article, you’ll have the longest-lasting nails possible with vibrant colors. As for your health, rest assured because nail polish OPI will support and protect your nails absolutely.