Hair Cut and Blow Dry $62
Every haircut receives a complimentary wash, relaxing shampoo, and a blow dry. I make sure I blow dry every client to ensure an even cut. I will do most of the ‘finishin’ work’ after the blow dry is complete to ensure every cut is perfect! 

Men’s Hair Cut $38
whether is is a scissor over comb, or a clipper cut, I assure you I pay attention to every detail, including unruly brows, ear hair, and special necklines. 

Children’s Hair Cut $25
no quickie cut here, I pay the same attention to detail that I do on my adult clients, for kids that want that cutting edge style, that will last longer than those other guys! (age birth-12) 

Blow Dry $38
Going out on the town, or just a weekly treat, your blow dry will last for days, or up to a week if you want it to. 

Bridal Styles $75
This is a fine art, that I mastered long ago. Published in local magazines, and other journalistic publications, I am known in St. Louis for my Bridal finishes, for their individuality, beauty, and cutting edge style, so you don’t look like every other bride out their. Be sure to look at my photos of real brides, and hear what they have to say about their hair on that special day! 

Special Occasion Style/Up do $65
For the bridesmaids and mothers of both groom and bride, you too want to look your best, and feel great about your hair AND your dress. Too many bridesmaids have HATED the way they look, forever in a wedding album. Well, I won’t let you leave the salon until you are completely satisfied, because the last thing you need to worry about is bad hair! 

Single Process Hair Color $53
Former color educator, and Master stylist for over 15 years, new and fresh ideas are my specialty! Wanting to cover grey, enhance your natural color, or just try on that new fresh color, expedience is a must!

Foils- Partial $95  Full $120
Slices, fine weaves, or chunky color depositing, each visit comes with a full consultation about where you want to go with your hair color, and fresh ideas are always discussed. 

Relaxing/Straightening/Perming $85+
No matter the texture you have, and no longer want, or the texture you have always desired, I am an expert in chemical relaxing. 

Waxing Brows $17
The eye brow is something to leave to the professional. It is a form of expression, and taking off too much, makes one look pale and scared, while leaving too much makes you look angry and hard. There is a fine art to shaping brows, and I am a master! 

Eyelash Extensions-Full Set $150  Fill in $85
Medical grade, no-formaldehide adhesive is the key to natural looking lashes staying on until your natural lash sheds with it, usually around 60 days. You want curly lashes, dramatic lashes or color lashes, I do them all.